Amberen Weight Loss


For years our customers have shared with us their frustration at the stubborn weight gain they’ve experienced, and the fact that sometimes even healthy eating and exercise isn’t enough to eliminate those extra few distressing pounds.

That’s why we created Amberen Weight Loss, a product clinically shown to aid in weight loss. Caffeine- and stimulant-free, the fiber formula in Amberen Weight Loss helps you feel full and satisfied with less food.


Our offer to you:
With your order of the Maximum Relief 90-Day Course of Amberen, we’ll include a FREE 10-day supply of Amberen Weight Loss!


How Amberen Weight Loss works

Amberen Weight Loss contains a proprietary fiber called Novoslim. Taken before mealtimes, Novoslim fiber expands to create a feeling of fullness, allowing you to eat less and still feel satisfied, which can help you to achieve your weight loss goals more easily.


Take Amberen Weight Loss 30-60 minutes before eating


The fiber formula gently expands


Consume less food and still feel satisfied!


Lose weight – and feel like yourself again!

Mid-life Weight Gain

Why is weight gain such a frequent obstacle faced by women in mid-life?

As we get older we often lose metabolism-boosting muscle mass. Additionally, increasing susceptibility to fatigue, accompanied by age-related joint and muscle pains can make it hard to find the energy to exercise and eat healthily.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications that are designed to alter your natural hormone levels, Amberen may not be right for you. Make sure to consult your doctor, especially if you are a cancer survivor or have a severe thyroid disorder.